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Trigonometric Functions

All major trignometric functions are built in to the function grapher. You may use it freely in your graphs. The following trigonometric functions are supported:

function name examples
sin sine sin(x), sin(x+pi), sin(1/x)
cos cosine cos(x), x^2+cos(x^2), cos(1/x+2*pi),
tan, tg tangent 7+tan(x), tan(x+3), tan(cos(x))
cot, ctg contangent cot(x), 1/cot(x)
sec secant sec(x)
csc cosecant csc(x)

More information on trigonometric functions.

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Trigonometric functions are periodic and as such, their inverse domain must, sometimes, be restricted. For example 'asin' is the inverse of the sine function which has a period of 2 pi and it ranges between -1 and 1, asin is defined of between -1 and 1 and its principal branch between -pi/2 and pi/2.

function name examples
asin, arcsin arcsine asin(x), asin(sin(x))
acos, arccos arccosine acos(x), acos(cos(x)), cos(1/x)
atan, arctan, arctg, atg arctangent atan(x), atan(tan(x)), atan(x*pi/2), atan(1/x)
acot, arccot, arcctg, actg arccotangent acot(x)
asec, arcsec arcsecant asec(x)
acsc, arccsc arccossecant acsc(x)

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