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Hyperbolic Functions

The grapher has a built-in set of hyperbolic functions specified in the list below.

function name examples
sinh hyperbolic sine sinh(x), sinh(2*x), sinh(1/x), sinh(x)*cos(x), sin(x)*sinh(x)
cosh hyperbolic cosine cosh(x), cosh(2*x), sin(x)*cosh(x), cos(x)*cosh(x)
tanh, tgh hyperbolic tangent tanh(x), tanh(2*x), tanh(x/(2*pi))
coth, ctgh hyperbolic cotangent coth(x), coth(2*x), coth(x/(2*pi))
sech hyperbolic secant sech(x), sech(2*x), sech(x^2/pi)
csch hyperbolic cosecant csch(x), csch(x^2/pi), csch(2*x)*csc(2*x)

Inverse Hyperbolic Functions

For all the hyperbolic functions in the table above the function grapher includes their inverses. The list and uses are specified the the table below.

function name examples
asinh, arcsinh inverse hyperbolic sine asinh(x)
acosh, arccosh inverse hyperbolic cosine acosh(x)
atanh, atgh, arctgh, arctanh inverse hyperbolic tangent atanh(x)
acoth, actgh, arccoth, arctgh inverse hyperbolic cotangent acoth(x)
asech, arcsech inverse hyperbolic secant asech(x)
acsch, arccsch inverse hyperbolic cosecant acsch(x)

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